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([personal profile] sprinklethief Mar. 1st, 2011 07:14 pm)
i now have my first official sports related injury in a decade - i apparently hyperextended my knee. 10 points for grace.

From: [identity profile] paroxysm-cycle.livejournal.com

i'm on the cane right now, but i've been gulping down tylenol. i need to make an appointment with my pain clinic to get the anti-seizure med so i can take the ultram. as much as i love my percocet, i know it's a slippery slope and would prefer to not tempt fate, lol.

oh, and meowmeow wants to try to help me out too. she also wants to work on you with your fibro and all. i told her you'd be putty in her hands ;).

From: [identity profile] shadowsound.livejournal.com

yikes, I hope they can see you soon. That sort of thing can take forever to heal. When I had a tear in my ACL, I was jive walking for months.

I would luuuurve some Meow Meow time! And I would be putty, absolutely. ^_^