not to say veggie slices are bad - to the contrary, i've been very impressed with how good they taste. i'm always expecting the impending stomach cramping after eating them or drinking a soy milk smoothie - it never happens even tho i feel it should because they taste so much like dairy products.

any of you hippies have other suggestions?

and holy crap i never knew dairy was in soooooo much stuff!!
sprinklethief: (Default)
( Mar. 25th, 2008 09:45 am)
it's finally happened :(

my body has almost 100% told me that i can't have dairy anymore. we switched to a non-dairy butter substitute a while ago. we've switched to soy milk for a few months now because i couldn't handle regular milk. we switched to soy based yogurt because of stomach cramping and now, friends, it is with deep dismay that i must report that i've had to resort to veggie slices because cheese and me? let's just say we're not friends anymore :(.

i will miss you cheese, you tasty little stomach cramper.