sprinklethief: (shitfuckassmugen)
( Oct. 9th, 2007 08:42 am)
i feel very defeated already and just want to go back to sleep and let someone else deal with all the problems of today. i don't like "stayin' strong" or "hangin' in there" because there's a certain point where it just becomes ridiculous to even try. i think i reached that point yesterday.

i'm tired of being the one who solves all the problems in every situation. yesterday at work, another manager took care of an irate customer (and totally made her look like an idiot, heh) and i almost cried i was so happy to finally not have the burden of something going wrong on my shoulders. i realize i'm female and in most facets of my life i'm in a position of some form of power so i must automatically be the default go-to gal. i'm very surprised at how helpless most people are, or maybe they're not - they just let me deal with shit because i'm there.

well world, you know what? i don't have all the answers. i don't know what to do in every situation, i just try shit until something works. maybe it's time for everyone else to put on their big-kid pants and let me be the helpless baby for a while.

today had better be better than yesterday.


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