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( Feb. 28th, 2011 02:06 pm)
okay, so today? i feel like someone smacked me in the face with a fist full of ragweed. my calves are a little sore, my knees think i'm a dickhead, but other than that adding that extra mile on didn't seem to have too much of an adverse effect. i'm guessing the sinus issues have more to do with the freak thunderstorms than exercising...

i also have to write an 8 - 10 page paper telling my legacy to the incoming freshman class, and i have no idea what to say. they're never going to see it, it's just to get out of taking orientation since i never took it, and now i'm 30 and about to graduate, so i can obviously navigate life...

and i have to write a thesis for my 10 page research paper for the forensic psych lab...

fun times at fort davis.


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