well i'm still alive.

i'm finally fixing all the little things in the apartment that were messed up and/or broken. i still get a pretty hefty discount off rent because there are major things that need fixed that i am incapable of, but hell - i'll totally deal with a broken balcony banister and shitty stone/drywall work in exchange for cheap rent. it's really starting to feel like home now. i guess this place hadn't been occupied in 5 years. the old owner sued her husband in a divorce and bought a bunch of property then moved to california, telling her tennants to fix their own problems. one by one they slowly left, and she never bothered to find replacements. because of this my kitchen plumbing rotted out, so i have to kitchen sink. the new landlord/owner is running a new line though, and i fixed the bathroom sink myself once i discovered it was tapped into a separate line that *wasn't* rotted out. i feel kind of awesome for that.

i didn't realize just how much useless clutter justin was responsible for. it was stifling and i didn't even realize it. he seriously had a basement full of boxes useless junk that hadn't been opened in years, and was incapable of organizing much past "organized chaos" at times. my belongings are just above the "bare minimum" level, and i'm really liking the simplicity. the place really is quite awesome, very unique. i guess this whole building used to be offices, so the apartments are laid out really strange, but good strange.

other than that, i'm in the middle of the first wicked AS flare i've had in quite some time. i was to the point that i was wearing both hand/wrist braces, knee braces and pondering the ankle braced. after cranking up the AC and icing everything i'm feeling a bit better. i'm cleaning/fixing stuff in stages now so as not to welcome another waxing of achy, swelly inflammation.

so... things are slowly coming together and recovering. i made a promise years ago to never stop moving forward, and that's exactly what i intend to do.
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