so finding a job when you haven't had one in a while? not so easy. especially when you find out companies discriminate against people who don't have current jobs.

i'm currently about $1000 behind, my electric will be turned off soon, my credit cards are all overdue and i cannot afford my meds when this month's batch runs out. if it weren't for ramen and trader joe's, i'd be starving. the person who left me like this was supposed to help since he abandoned me without warning, but now he refuses to answer and emails, phone calls or text messages. i'm seriously about to start taking shit to pawn shops. i have a killer bass amp that would hurt to get rid of, and a great deal of CD's i've already burned copies of. i'm about to go through all the boxes he left here for me to take care of until he "gets around to coming to get them" and start hocking shit since it's his fault i'm in this position.

i'm just furious, i guess. yeah, my life is much better without him, but some warning would have been nice. i wish i could just walk away from my responsibilities scott free.

unfortunately, i'm a grown-up.
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