i just ran 5 miles. for real. my knees and hips are going to hate me, but goddammit i just ran 5 miles. i *did* stretch and warm up first, so hopefully the hell my body is planning to put me through as punishment will be a little less than i'm anticipating.

ever since i started working out harder i've had a lot less painful days. usually it's just a half hour of light weight training and stretching, then 45 minutes or more on the treadmill. sometimes, once the endorphins are running, i lose track of time and realize i'd run for like 70 minutes.

it's getting over that first few weeks that was hard. i'm so used to caving in to the pain and laying around hating life, but i'm sick of doing that. my body seems to be resisting less and less now, so hopefully i've got a good thing going. if not i'm just going to collapse and all of my appendages are going to fall off and roll away in protest. true story. on the bright side of that, less joints = less pain...

time to hit the showers. i smell like armpit and determination...
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