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( Jan. 27th, 2011 01:13 pm)
its january, which means i've been sick most of the days of the month. luckily my birthday i only had a sore throat and joint pain, but now i'm back to feeling like i just got ran over by a mack truck. i have no energy and even breathing feels like too much of a chore (not to mention my chest hurts). i slept 18 hours monday and still felt like i hadn't slept in days. then i couldn't sleep and still felt like i hadn't slept in days. i'm weak, i'm tired, i'm full of piss and vinegar (and mucus). its like ever since i got hit with all that sinus and respiratory crap i've not been even close to feeling healthy.


i also got diagnosed with PMDD yesterday, and the doc gave me prozac to take a week out of the month. i fail to see how a week's worth of an SSRI is capable of accomplishing anything, but anything to keep me from punching shower curtains and yelling at makeup is worth a shot.

i just need a break health-wise. this is my last freaking undergrad semester and i've already missed classes. i just want to kick ass, take names and get on with this already. eff this being sick crap.


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